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Cracking the Code to Marital Bliss

Cracking the CODE is about experiencing life, love, and sexuality at a level of intensity and fulfillment most never thought possible. It reveals behind-the-scenes secrets to a mind-blowing relationship, secrets that can only be exposed by a real couple that has thoroughly tested them on themselves for over three decades and are a living testament to their enormous power. As you apply these principles to your marriage and your life, you’ll move away from pain, frustration and those dreaded marriage doldrums faster than you ever imagined possible. Cracking the CODE is about getting the most out of yourself, your relationship, and your life. If you’re ready to turn your marriage into the richest and most exciting part of your life, then take the plunge and we’ll see you inside.


Winning at the Game of Wife

Ever wonder what happily married couples know that miserable couples don't ... how different things might be if your lady considered you a ROCKSTAR husband ... how alive the passion might be? Whether you've been married for 3 years or 30, the formula for making magic happen in your relationships is the same. Author James T. Horning knows what a woman wants. He's discovered how meeting a woman's needs on her terms fuels her passion, desire and dispassionate, unfulfilling marriage into a rewarding and exciting love affair.


Read what men and women have to say:

“Over the last 35 years I have had 1000’s of hours of personal coaching from many of the most amazing and famous teachers of love and relationship int he world. Tad and Kimberly [have] taken what others teach to a whole new level. I encourage anyone who wants to know what brave, juicy, true love relationship looks like to read their books, take their seminars [and] have private sessions. Tad and Kimberly are relationship masters who after 30 years of marriage, live and love with passion, exuberance and wholeheartedness and are so rare I include then in our national treasures.” – Spar Street


“Highly recommend this book – an absorbing, entertaining and easy read… I particularly enjoyed the stimulating and inspiring perspective on how to live a more fulfilling life by allowing one’s marriage to stimulate personal growth and learning.” S.A.- Sidney Australia

“I ordered a couple different books to try and bring my marriage from average to great, this is by far the best book I read.” Dominique S.

“We thought we knew everything there was to know about each other until we read this amazing book!!” C.Z.

“Men (and women? absolutely), get this book and you can throw away your whole collection of self-help, motivational, marriage counseling, and improving sex life books and fire your therapist. The Author is very insightful and “hits the nail on the head” with this great read. It’s concise, cogent, with some great edgy humor mixed in. It’s provocative to say the least. You will not be disappointed.” James Perrin – Fair Oaks, CA

“This book gave me great insights into what really makes a relationship successful, and I found it to be a very valuable tool to improve my relationship on a daily basis. I especially liked the author’s wife’s comments that are included as well, as it gives a good perspective of female psychology.” Wolfgang Steinhart

“Your book is really the reality and the best of the best on this subject !  The book is simple and easy to read.  I think it is an education too that women need to give to their little boy[s].”  Corrine B. – Honolulu, Ha.

“Already scored points with Olga for reading your book. You are a genius.” George W.  Esq. New York,  NY.

“I’ve read your book 3 times!…The second read thru, I felt a self confidence boost as a woman … I truly feel you’ve done an impeccable job composing advice that will improve the lives and relationships of many!” Lyndy Pearson, Sedona Arizona

“I became emotional when I read the book … I believe that this will definitely be effective to the readers. Kudos to your interesting book!” Johnny Pavon 

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