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Marriage is like having a Ferrari

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Welcome to my FIRST ever video blog post.

I’m really excited about this because I’m really passionate about marriage and I want couples to know that their marriage can be their life’s most rewarding experience.

Most of us just don’t have a clue how to do it. There weren’t any classes in school, our parents in most cases didn’t provide us with good examples, the media certainly hasn’t helped and we generally just don’ t have any good role models.My mom, God bless her, was married 4 times; my dad 3 times and most all the long-term marriages I have witnessed were less than desirable in terms of an ideal to aspire to.

For most, marriage is like having a Ferrari in our garage that we treat like a Volkswagon beetle or even worse a wheel barrow. We just don’t know what we’ve got or how to really juice it for what it’s really worth.

My goal is to educate couples on how to turn their marriages from what might be their biggest source of pain and frustration into their biggest source of fulfillment.  Thanks for joining me.

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